Sketching in Hardware 09, London

Sketching 09

A summit on the design and use of physical computing toolkits. Attendance by invitation only. Presentations by every attendee. THIS YEARS' SUMMIT IS OVER. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED.

July 17-19, 2009 University College London London, UK

Contact: Mike Kuniavsky


Sketching in Hardware is a playground and a think tank for people working in physical computing in various environments. Inventors, teachers, designers and artists come together to explore, innovate and develop new practices and methodologies for utilizing toolkits to create new technologies.

This years' theme is INCENTIVES.

Design and art with physical computing is much easier than it was during the first Sketching in Hardware summit. Many key building blocks are in place and thousands of people build with them every day. And although digital hardware is still nowhere nearly as flexible and expressive as a pencil and paper, it's significantly easier to work with than it was four years ago. Thus, this years' summit shifts focus from defining the pieces to sharing the ideas they represent.

We will explore how we can:
  • evolve the building blocks
  • encourage people to explore the capabilities of these technologies
  • support greater interoperability between toolkit components
  • invite more innovation, cooperation and friendly competition in the marketplace
  • reward respectful sharing of ideas and plans

If you have received an invitation, please secure your place at Sketching with a $100 deposit (we're still figuring out the final cost, but it shouldn't be more than $350). Because of the limited number of spaces, we cannot guarantee a place without a deposit.


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The summit will be held on July 17-19, 2009
at University College London's Wilkins Old Refectory.

The conference hotel is the Sol Melia White House, London.
Special conference rates will be held until June 17, 2009

Dinner on Friday, July 17 will be at Malabar Junction, and dinner on Saturday, July 18 will be at Andreas Restaurant.

Special thanks to our hosts, UCLIC!

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The presentations from Sketching in Hardware 09 can be found here


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